Tricia’s Transformation

Tricia Griffin dropped 8kg of fat, reshaped her body and won the 2012 Powerzone Transformation Challenge with Biologic Labs strength training and diet. Not one minute of cardio went into Tricia’s fantastic transformation!

Tricia Griffin came to Biologic Labs 9 months ago to lose fat and tone up. That is, she came to Biologic Labs for what we do best: body recomposition!

Tricia achieved great results training with her Recomp Coach, Amy Thompson. But in the last 3 months her results were so outstanding that she won the Powerzone 12 week body transformation challenge. And the pictures below depict ONLY this 3 month period!

From Tricia’s Coach, Amy Thompson:

“Tricia diligently followed each of the prescribed programs and diets over the 9 months. Each diet had a specific purpose and all of them worked because she stuck to them!”
“Tricia has gained significant strength too. Before starting training she had chronic back pain. After a few months of strength training her back was pain-free and she is now strong enough to squat  70kg, and deadlift 100kg! She no longer needs any chiropractic work. I’ve watched her become gain strength each week – she has completely transformed herself; physically and mentally. I’m very impressed and proud of what she’s achieved so far, and will continue to get amazing results – new goals are set for 2012 – and so the journey continues…”

From Tricia Herself

“My experience training with Amy at Biologic Labs has been nothing but positive and empowering.”

“My initial assessment with Adam was spent questioning what I was wanting to achieve and then discussing how their training program would work to get these results. Establishing the understanding up front that the path ahead was going to be hard work and required complete dedication made the decision for me to surrender myself to the process an easy one. My mind was set that I needed to adopt an all or nothing approach.”

“Amy’s training skills; knowledge, understanding and compassion have been consistently exceptional. Support was provided above and beyond what I was expecting; it was evident that this was not just a job for her but a passion. Amy guided me through her carefully written training program, taking me from 3 chiropractic visits a week, to now lifting a 100kg deadlift bar! Astonishing!”

“I have changed my lifestyle completely, which included giving up alcohol (best decision I ever made!); 100% adaptation to diet changes and prioritising my training appointments as ‘not negotiable’.”

“I would recommend Biologic Labs to anyone wanting to improve their strength, health, confidence and lifestyle. I have not been happier and am excited everyday to know that with each week I’ll be an even better, stronger person than the week before.”

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Above: Tricia Griffins 12-week Transformation with Biologic Labs to win the Powerzone 12 week body transformation challenge. A perfect example of the amazing results that can be achieved through our strength coaching and programs with determination, strong mindset and willpower.

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