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Biologic Labs Gym Fortitude ValleyBody Recomposition Specialists

Biologic Labs Gym helps men and women of all ages and sizes achieve radical fat loss and muscular development! We don't do fitness, fun or flexibility; we just make great looking bodies! We are staffed entirely by Certified Recomp Specialists, Sports Nutrition Specialists, Strength Coaches and Medical Doctors. And we measure and plan every element of training and diet to achieve specific body composition goals. In short, we are the people to see when you want to be the best you can be.

Programs & Diets – your new-body blueprint

Biologic Labs programs and diets specify every gram of food and every weight to lift to achieve your specified goal body composition

Recomp Coaching – beyond Fitness Training

Biologic Labs teach you how to train for the most rapid body transformation possible. Learn lifelong training skills so you never want a personal trainer.

Anti-Ageing Medicine- living beyond coping

Biologic Labs is a licensed medical practice that specialise in hormone balancing therapy for optimal health, energy and body composition.