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Biologic Labs



Biologic Labs' specialise in 'Body Recompositioning'; the direct (non-surgical) manipulation of bodyfat and muscle mass!

We have developed a revolutionary system of synergistic nutrition, strength training and supplementation for the most efficient fat-loss and/or muscle-gain possible. We even have Doctors who specialise in Hormone Balancing for the next level in optimum body composition, health and wellbeing.

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Initial Assessment

At the assessment we will measure your weight and bodyfat, calculate your muscle mass, discuss your goals and convert them into a goal bodyweight, bodyfat, muscle mass and strength gain. We then discuss your training background, medical history, physical limitations and nutritional preferences. With that information we design a program with every facete of your goal taken into consderation. 


Strength Test

The next step is to test your strength. Our Coach will teach you competition powerlifting technique in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift and then coach you to lift the most weight you are capable of.


Custom Nutrition & Strength Program

After your assessment we design a 4-week diet and strength training program. Your program features your goal body weight, body fat and muscle mass plus strength gain targets. Your diet specifies every gram of food to eat at every meal every day and your strength program maps out every weight for every set you need to complete to reach your goal. Our strength training programs typically involve 2-5 high intensity workouts per week and do not include any cardio.


The total cost for an assessment, strength test and custom program is $369

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