Biologic Labs: New Owners

After building Biologic Labs from scratch in 2003, on September 1, Damon stepped down as Captain of the ship and handed the reigns to Biologic Labs senior Coaches, Adam and Matthew.

For the past year, Adam and Matthew have been transitioning into their roles as owner-operators while Damon has gradually moved away to focus on developing Recomp (, the Recomposer software that powers Biologic Labs operations and eventually open a Biologic Labs in Melbourne.

With a passionate belief in all that Biologic Labs represents, Adam and Matty are committed to maintaining the same exceptional and unique service that Biologic Labs has become famous for. The owners have changed but Biologic Labs still is – and always will be – the very best body recompositioning clinic in Australia!

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Damon Hayhow is the founder of Biologic Labs. He is also the President of Recomp, Director of Body Recompositioning Solutions, Australian Ambassador to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, World Record holding Powerlifter, former President of the World Powerlifting Congress in Australia, IFBB Mr Australia and Australian Powerlifting Champion. Damon is Australia's first CISSN qualified Sports Nutritionist and an ASCA Certified Strength Coach.