Australias Best: Nathan Wallace

After winning the Junior Olympia last year and then the Overall Brisbane and Asia Pacific titles early this year, Biologic Labs Recomp Specialist, Nathan Wallace continued his dominance of the Australian Natural Bodybuilding scene by winning the ANB Australia title in Sydney last weekend.

Truth be told, it has been a rough preparation for Nathan this season. After getting into mind-boggling condition for the early 2011 contests, Nathan had to wait several months to find out whether he was invited to the MuscleMania in November. Though he had no plans of staying in contest condition all year, Nathan didnt have time for a proper off-season either; and not knowing if he was even competing left Nathan in limbo. Forced to walk a careful middle-ground nutritionally meant Nathans body never fully replenished. And as a result, a couple of old injuries made unwanted comebacks.

Nobody I know is more disciplined than Nathan! Like everyone at the Lab, his physique is the result of his 24/7/365 strict diet and brutally hard and heavy training centered around the 3 Powerlifts. Going into the May contests, Nathan was maintaining his critical 300kg deadlift and even making small gains on his squat and bench press. As a result he stepped onstage in his best ever condition with even greater size than last year.

Recently, though, injuries prevented Nathan from making his training numbers and as a result he wasn’t happy with his preparation. To win the Australia on the back of the past few months struggles is a testament to Nathans incredible grit.

Despite claims by people who do not know Nathan, Nathans superior physique is not a genetic gift. Nathans genetic gift is his work ethic in the gym and at the dinner table. He beats his competitors simply because he works harder and eats better everyday, year round! Make no mistake, Nathan earned every gram of muscle, every striation and every bodybuilding title! I know because I’ve been lucky enough to personally watch him do it! And having seen the work he’s put in makes me even prouder to see him receiving the accolades he is now getting.

Nathans next stop is the prestigious MuscleMania contest in Las Vegas in November. We wish Nathan all the best of luck. He is a true champion.

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Damon Hayhow is the founder of Biologic Labs. He is also the President of Recomp, Director of Body Recompositioning Solutions, Australian Ambassador to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, World Record holding Powerlifter, former President of the World Powerlifting Congress in Australia, IFBB Mr Australia and Australian Powerlifting Champion. Damon is Australia's first CISSN qualified Sports Nutritionist and an ASCA Certified Strength Coach.